Thursday, August 19, 2010


My birthday coincides with the holiday season every year. In school I was upset sometimes that I never get to distribute chocolates like other kids on their birthday. Thankfully, everyone remains happy or pretends to be so during my birthday. What more can you expect it comes one removed from the Christmas day and four more before you enter new year. I never quite celebrated my birthday in NALSAR too. But my friends this year gave me a complete surprise by organising a surprise bash for me. My NALSAR wala birthday with all the spice and twang in it! Come on! my friends sang six happy birthdays for me (the recorded highest till now- generally it's maximum two for any one, with the exception of Richa maybe) that night. Can't help it. My friends' are as vella as me and they also needed to take revenge for all those 'happy birthdays' I have sung for them in class :D. 
In case you don't understand this 'happy birthday', 'revenge' thing, it's a a very very NALSAR thing. And so many together is my batch's speciality. These are a few pics from the after party. The food was awesome and we danced our way to glory. Thank you Runjhun, Paridhi, Richa and Shreya for making it memorable. Love you guys! Final year now. I am going to miss this place.


  1. Well enjoy your birthdays till you on the left side of 30's - once you cross that, you will realise they come a lot quicker than you d like.!

  2. Rightly said gb. but in this case it wasn't even my real birthday taht was being celebrated :D


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