Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Letter from a forgotten land.

Dear Tara,

Hope you are doing well. How is that back pain of yours? I still suspect it's Baater byatha (Arthritis). How is Girija Babu doing? Is his coughing bout under control nowadays. I asked Chattujey moshayi once about the problem. He advised that you visit the west once during Girija babu's holidays. I think the pollution of Calcutta is not suiting him anymore. But what to do, after all he is the boro babu now, his responsibilities are greater now. How is Ashalata? Have you started looking for a groom for her? Is Girija Babu planning to send her to college and make a Judge? Bethune school won't help her learn cooking and sewing. Nobody will marry her if she doesn't know how to cook. Sometimes I wish you had a son. There is still time. Coax Girija Babu to have one more child atleast. People here laugh when they hear that you have only one daughter.
We are all doing well here. Sukhen's marriage has been almost fixed with that girl from Barishal. I was very much against the match. But who listens to a widow? That too, one who is a burden on the families of her brothers. Tell me something Tara, couldn't they find one suitable bride for Sukhen in the entire Dhaka zilla. As if boro bou wasn't enough that another person from Barishal will come to pollute our family. Our ancestors didn't joke when they said "Aaitey shaal, jaaitey shaal, tar nam Barishal". This girl is also related to Borobou- some distant cousin. Now they will rein over the entire household together. All this at the cost of my youngest brother.
You remember the time when we were just nine and Gogon kaka had taken us to Barishal on that official trip of his. Remember how those crooks at the Goalonder ghat didn't even let us have our meal properly? My god! I so loved Padmar Ilish. And those bastards shouted that our steamers were leaving. We ran for our lives only to find a it a hoax. How they cheated us. I had cursed them so much. I hated Barishal from that very day. Borobou just proved I was right.
You must be thinking that how can a widow of sixteen years still think about fish. I will not lie to you Tara. You are my best friend. I don't get to see you often nowadays. But I share everything with you. You know I love the smell of fish. everyday in the morning I steal a walk upto the aamish henshel (non veg kitchen) just to smell the fish. It's a secret I will die with. If any one here gets to know about it, they will tag me as woman of vices, but I can't help it. It was only you whom I could trust with this secret of mine.
When do you again plan to visit Bharakar. I know you don't like this shabby village anymore. But do come. Bring Asha along. I often think of making the aamer achar (mango pickle) that she so liked last time. Try to come during pujo. I am sending a bottle of a special medicated oil which I got from Chattujey moshayi for you. Hope it reaches you in the present state. Reply to this post soon.


P.S. This post has personal anecdotes, anecdotes of forgotten times, memories of afternoon conversation with my Amma strewn all over. The factual background is entirely fictional but the conversations? Who knows, that might have happened some seventy five years back in a dimly lit Bharakar household.
P.P.S Bharkar is my ancestral village. It's located in Dhaka, Bikrampur region. My house was located near Tongibari thana. Have never been there. But surely intend to visit it sometime. I have been to the Bharkar Sammilani Durga Pujo manytimes as a child. Don't know if it happens till now. If any one of my readers are from my village or knows anybody or has visited that pujo, kindly leave a note. It's a way of remembering Amma, whom I was suddenly thinking about.
By the way, I belong to the De Sarkar (we later dropped the Sarkar from our surname) family from Bharakar who had defated the Zamindars (the Mullicks, I suppose) in the Dhaka Court in a dispute over a Dighi (large waterbody). I have hear numerous stories about how my great grandfather, Late Satish Chandra De, who was attached with the Court of the District Judge at Alipore in Calcutta, took out a procession to celebrate the victory. So now you know where it all comes from? :D


  1. My maternal grandma is from Dhaka Vikrampur ... and my maternal Grandpa is from chattyagram ... his story is quite fascinating and romantic too... may be I will also write someday about him ... but only one thing I can say - these conversations may hear a bit like modern bengali filmy monologue, ready for play,but the author has maintained the authencity and flair of a "bangal mohila adda" on a lazy afternoon. Hats off.

  2. @Ankur, Baba ankur, banglay comment ta na kore parlam na- chatt(y)agram ta ki abar :P. lol! eta ki sei k(E)babs khabo hoye gelo na :P...kyalash na please!

  3. Didi notun layout ta khub shundor hoyechhe. :)

  4. ghyam likehchis!! ya era borishal niye ekhno koto kichu kore!! eita sure shot hoeche age erom conversations..ha ha! but seta english e noy..bangaly sure..A kurnish to ur concept re! ghyam re!! serah ekdom

  5. @bhai, eta banglay khub shundor shonato..but ingreji te lekha onyo karon ey. Many people have told me that they don't understand half of the stuff on my blog because it's in bengali.

  6. jomati chinta dhara to.. borishal somporke ja bola hoechhe, amar purno samorthon :P..
    dhakar didi, ranna nie ektu ghyam nitei parten

  7. Wonderful! You sounded like a 'khaati bangaal' ;-) I must say you are lucky to have heard these stories from your amma! I did not have the priviledge :-(

    Well, everyone takes a dig at 'Borishaal' bangaals even today ;-) and all in good fun :-)

    My ancestral place was in Bajitpur, Mymensingh (my latest post 'Goodbye' is on that) but I never visited it. I wish to, one day!

    Loved the post; reminded me of pure Bengali novels of the yesteryears on which I grew up.

    Keep writing :)

  8. priyo meghpeon,

    khubiii sundor seta ar baolar apekhya rakhena...kemon jeno visualize korte parchi...bangla desher alash dupure gouri ek chilte janala diye asha ruddure boshe tar chotobelar soi tarake chithi likhche...kono din na geleo ekta adrishyao taan je amader 'bangla dyash' er sathe royeche...seta tor ek ekta choto chot barnanay fute utheche... "goyalander ghat" er galpo ta ajo mone ache...diduner theke shona..bhishon mone porche diduner kotha...sei samay erom conversation aboshyoii hoyeche...kono sandeho nei... toke ekta baro thanks ei na dekha jinish guloke chokher samne tule dhoara jonyo... tobe papa r oi procession er bapar ta mone nei re...
    amar anek shubheccha roilo aro erom anek sundor sundor lekhar jonyo..

    Punashcho: eta janish toder sathe surname amadeo eta mil..'De Sarkar'..amra 'De' ta drop kori.. after all amder o adi bari Birshinhapur.. :-)

  9. @Debosmita, Thank you so much for your kind words. Coming from you, one who writes so beautifully, it's a big compliment for me. My amma used to tell all these stories about Goyalonder ghat and all. I could make out that you are a Bangaal, after all you had heard about Kochur Shaak and am guessing you must be loving it too. :D
    @didibhai, thank yous. Papa dadur procession er golpo ta ar sathe ekta ki slogan o chilo seitar kotha ph kore babar theke shuney ney. Baba ekdom nitol description ditey pare, pishimoni o parbe nishchoyi. And Goyalonder ghat to sei.."ishteamer charloo re..." :D

  10. Apnara ekhon kothai thaken? Shobai ki East Bengal er? Anyway loved your beautiful from West Bengal.


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