Monday, June 10, 2013

Nirobotar oblivion!

There was time when the deepest expressions of my existence found oblivion through my words. there was a time when I used to write reams. Writing was my only purgasion!

I was young, fluid and dreamy eyed.

I am little older, worldly wise and lot less dreamy eyed these days.

And the words seem to have left me for an oblivion of their own!

I do not know what to say.

"Amar swopno shotti swechchachar, amr swopno dekhar odhikar
Amar opolok nishkriti, amar doridro oboshor
amar oporinoto nityosukh, amar noirbyaktik chitkar...

kotha nei, golpo nei, ashwash nei..
ey ek odbhut swojonharano!!

amake kore tolo bangmoy"

Sunday, June 2, 2013


This is not a post. However, I felt that this was probably the best way to pay a tribute to him.

I will not pretend and say that I had not criticised him. I had, in fact, conveyed often that he was overdoing things. He was losing the subtlety he was known for.

May be I am still not mature enough to understand the way he perceoived a last few of his works.

But this is not about that.

I never knew him personally, though we shared very similar backgrounds...attended the same school, (I attended a few decades later), lived in the same neighbourhood...and some how, his way of portrayal of women in cinema..or generally the art- moulded my a very very impressionable age.

He was many things more to me. I rediscovered 'Utsob', 'Titli', 'Unishe April' or 'Dosar' during lonely summer afternoons in my university hostel. Youtube brought me closer to the perception of womanhood. Suchitra Bhattacharya, Ashapurna Debi, Bani Basu and him. Probably Aparna Sen also. And I will not sound stupid to overlook Tagore here.

Do I sound arty? Do I sound 'making it up'? I might. I do not care. Because somehow, we had all learned to admire his way for standing up for things.

And to tell you the truth, while I started blogging or whatever you call it a few years back, my pseudonym (blogger id? pseudonym is for heavyweights!) was a gift from his pen. One of his creations which is poignant that more than one ways today. Thank you!

"Meghpeon er bag er bhitor monkharap er dista/ Mon kharap holey kuasha hoy, byakul holey Tista"

I was really looking forward to "Satyanweshi".

I knew that your portrayal would not be of a just another detective story...we all remember "Shubho Mohorot".

Bhalo Thakben!

(I have perceived that the blogosphere is cluttered with many tributes after somebody remarkable dies. I personally do not like it. However, I decided to write this one...probably Meghpeon's best way to say thank you!)
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