Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dear Ophiuchus, Why I am still a true blue Capricorn

Are you in for interesting conversations? Are you the kinds who are interested in almost everything? Do you take a look at the day's predictions in the newspaper before you head towards work? umm...do you still love going back to your tattered copy of Linda Goodman as soon as you come across the cute guy in the office gym or college library? Well! you are in for a talkathon then...this week, the coming one and the ones yet to come....because your predestined zodiac might just have changed places. err...quite so!

I think by now we are all aware that because of this new star called Ophiuchus in place, the constellation has one more to think about and predict. That takes the count up from the normal twelve to thirteen...and more interestingly, turns me a saggi from what I believed was a straight out of your wikipedia guide for a capricorn woman (yes! I believe in randomly reading up stuff and that includes the typical capricorn woman)

I know for a fact that the applicability starts 2011 onwards and that I remain safe in my zodiac zone, but the fact that my children may bear another sign while the copybook classic lists his/her characteristics as of something else is truly disturbing. As disturbing as the fact that nobody, no goddamned star can take away the fact that I am ambitious and strong willed. Or for that matter the fact that I love my family and believe in keeping in touch with people. I simply do not understand the concept of establishing yourself as a honcho sort of person by being arrogant with your near and dear ones. Well! if you are good enough, you will automatically be considered one. No need to shout from rooftops. You may credit my upbringing for this but the fact remains that I love making new ties but never at the cost of old ones. Being rude is not a part of my dictionary and people who know me, and that includes my extended family, will vouch for that. But, wait! I can be rude and be that perfect snob.....only in case you don't return the loyalty. Yes. Like any other Capricorn worth it's salt, am truly committed and loyal to any relationship I undertake..and the severity increases with the proximity. In case you betray me, I exercise the delete button. I lost people in my life, people whom I considered a dear friend, almost a soul sister, but then it was not meant to be that way. But then again it was my decision to not forget the betrayal. Actually, betrayal hurts in any form. Being soft on it is actually good for oneself, but even when you are unceremoniously used as a toy stuff, I am not the one to forget it that easily. It might be a different question altogether that I do not believe in revenge. It's just that you go out. And even if you stay on, you must have done something really good :P. But all said and done, if you count me as a friend, be rest assured, I will be the perfect agony aunt and stand by you when you need me the most.  

And I believe in waiting for the perfect one. No less. I am practical enough to understand the value of adjustments and compromises one makes for true love...but if it is undervalued at the cost of your own self respect I exercise the delete button. Yet again. But once I make the connect, I will stand by. 

None of these, stops me from being occasionally moody, sometimes unreasonably stubborn and to an extent a workaholic....or should I say obsessive. I am obsessed with particular ideas and they range form shahrukh khan to people I randomly meet. Studying people is kind of an interest and in case that person is of the opposite sex, the general presumption of a crush arise. Like it happened in case of Shashi Tharoor. But twenty three years of wisdom (or the lack of it) has made me realise the difference between the two. I can read on them, study them for weeks together. And interestingly they stay that way. The most recent addition to the list is 'North Calcutta'.

So even if I am a Saggi now according to your star chart, it doesn't stop me from being a Capricorn right?


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  2. ur just a TYPICAL CAPRI just like me ....and even i figured out no change in the chart can change dat :)


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