Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life these days- Hyderabadi Autos and the overbearing 'Anna's...kkkkkkkkkiraann

There have been queries. and more queries. and simply speaking..some of tehm have left me quite flattered. I never knew that so many people actually read my blog. A big thank you.

And to all your queries as to where I have been..and why didn't I update this page often in the recent months- Well! to say the truth- I have been busy, very busy actually. I have started working and so now I know what it means, actual deadlines I mean. It's quite surprising to note that a few days back we were this rebellious bunch of college kids bargaining for an extension of the project deadline with the seemingly helpless teacher. she had already provided us 2 in the past 1 month. But then who cared? we were the fifth years...the batch of 2011.

And today we are all these blackberry totting grown up professionals...managing our own lives in this big bad world. We dont argue with our respective bosses for extension of deadlines. we all know that the client is supremely important. the world stares at us, gives us jealous glances....but nobody knows the story behind all that corporate jazz (slavery! :P)

But am lucky to have a very nice team to work with. People say you will always remeber your first boss....and I will surely do remember my Manager...He is one of the sweetest and most accomodating fellows I have known. and so are my other senior members in the team. the best part about my team is that every one is approachable :) May be that's what a true professional should be- be approachable.

Hyderabad really doesnt seem the similar town that I had known for all these years. Its a changed place now....the every day haggle with auto annas, or the needful for "aatey daal ka bhao"-times a are changing... a quite indication that we all are growing up.

In deed we are. all. everyone. Just the way that guy whose article pointed out why the youth is suddenly so conscious about the anna Hazare movementy. Because they know they have no place to run away to, they can't escape India. We are the ones who are providing aid to the nations to over come their debt crisis who supposedly have a better credit rating than us. India is truly the furture. Don't believe me? Browse through the world stock market idices in the past few days and you will understand. I remeber reading an article way back in 2010 which had succinctly put why India had fared so well during the recession. the reasdon was one we all know (an I agreed wholesomely with the author)- the presence of a very strong public sector.

Don't get me wrong, neither do I support corruption in any ways (since we have this huge thing for black and in case I dont support Kiran and Kejriwal...I am anti Anna- Don't make this presumption) but how many of these protestors actually read the draft of the bill? Perhaps not many. Noit that our democratic thought ever advocated the cause of informed decision making. Or else what would make people still support the commies who destroyed and actually bludgeonoed the economy of my state in these 34 years. Frankly speaking there is nobody called a communist in this world. None. those who claim to be..decoarte their daughters with tons of gold jewellery and show off by throwing lavish parties....if that's socialism...I am very proud to proclaim myself as a supporter of Didi. even if she pretends (according to some), she does it well. Besides I believe in everything being open and that includes the economy. There are no free lunches anywhere I suppose :)

But coming back to the point. there was this mad rush to support Anna. I have gathered that he is a truly dedicated man. But I had thsi huge feeling that during the last few days of his fast, he merely became a ploy in the hand of Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi. Come on! these guys should know that nobody is beyond the constitution in this country. Not even Arundhati roy (who seemed to jump at another ocassion of attention grabbing by *NOT* supporting Anna). It is the Constitutional framework that we have in place, that makes this Democracy a success. Yes! a true success story. and that includes the way Kejriwal protested and Kiran Bedi cry when she asked the police force to disobey the orders of their seniors-err! wasn't that seditious? I mean you arrest Maoists on same ground....and what was Om Puri saying? atleast the same people he was referring to had the guts to face the election.

Well to sya the least anyone could have gone up on that stage and claimed to be our youth leade including a guy who provides MBA degrees without any affiliation. A person on twitter rightly pointed out that his claim to fame now- "Think beyond the Parliament" Bwahaaaa!!!!!

Nobody supports corruption. everyone has the right to be angry. Everyone has the right to protest, but just like Chauri Chaura happened and killed the momentum, the proclaimed new age Gandhi should be very cautious. Gandhiji was right to call off the movement after Chauri chaura. He knew we were not mature enough to handle the principle of non violenece right then. That did varied form...many years later. Don't know where Ramlila Maidan will take us. If that recorded tape of one of the original heroes of this so called second freedom struggle is anything to go by- we are not ready for it Annaji. Hope the Janlokpal turns out to be as idealistic as it promises to be. Best wishes from a proud Indian.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sokhi bhalobasha kare koy?

Tagore had asked this question aeons ago...and frankly speaking none of us have the answer till date. We all know how does it feels good, it feels great :))

But that never implies that the journey is a cakewalk. In case it is, it is something is as much about sharing a life together as like eating your hilsa with extra mustard toppings :P (that's the bong foodie in me talking)

"Jaan jaati hain jab uthke jaatey ho tum"

Farida Khanum sums up the pain beautifully in probably one of the most simple ghazals I have ever heard.

and there is more to it. Just like Gulzaar saab's poetry :)

"sehme se rehte hain, jab yeh din dhalta hain/ ek hi aah bujhta hain/ ek hi aah jalta hain/ tumne koi deep jalaya hota"

I don't claim to understand completely the serenity behind those lines...but the eternity behind them is truly magical.

Just like the dreams of a lonely sunday afternoon, 'us' in our living room.....our favourite songs on the music where he will shre random facts about some stuff I thought never existed...and then he will bear my completely out of tune songs....and then he will say something about the Jasmine- the flower and the revolution. and then I will share with him my new found enthusiasm about finance. He being the pro will tell me where I was fundamentally wrong...and he will buy me books! loads of them.... :) :)

"lokey tobe kore ki sukheri torey emon dukheri aansh"
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