Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Once upon a time!

There was a time in all our lives when we were naive. And young....and stupid!

My mother often told me about the rose tinted glasses that we often wore while seeing the world around us when we are young. Don't know about the mushy red rose or the humble white one, but I do wear hose tinted glasses..

I still 'do' :)

I am known as the pretty 'romantic' types...and that's where the significance of the opening line of this story finds significance. Once upon a time, I was naive and very, very stupid! I believed a lot of people. I believed one day I could really meet Zaheer Khan and get married to him (!:P).

I once had the hugest crush on one of my teachers who taught the most dreadful subject of my life- Maths!

My next object of fascination was a literary character called "Kabir" from Vikram Seth's "A Suitable Boy". there was a time when I dreamt of being born in 1960's Calcutta. And then changed my plan and thought of exchanging niceties in the unique style of 'Lucknowi tehzeeb'!

There was a time when I thought of studying Literature in college. I also thought of meeting Amit Roy on the celebrated English/CL ledge of JU.

Once upon a time I also that College Street, Coffee House, Madhabilata, Animesh and the ability to write Jhumpa Lahiri were the most desirable things in life (I still do!)

There was time when I thought of my dream man being a poetry writing, typical bong guy... who could seep me off my feet at one go.

I wanted that man to love Phuchka. I wanted that man to love Tagore.

I went to college and some of my aspirations changed. But I still stuck to Tagore. I met great friends. I met someone with whom I could say all the dirty jokes aloud 'Wakao'!

I met a girl who actually had terrible fights with me regarding my bong-fascination!

And they are friends for life.

But in between, I always believed Calcutta is the most romantic city on this earth!

I still do.

I got married. It was quite a crazy idea. My friends could not believe that I would take the leap of faith so soon.

Yes! quite a leap of faith it was....I had been disillusioned. I checked up a few real love stories in between. they don't make them like the 70's style anymore...the ones where the guy or the girl rebelled to be with the partner of his or her choice...sacrificing many things in between...like the way my aunt's or my mother's generation did.

But, since I am a pocketful of contradictions, I still believed in Amit Roy, Kabir and Raj!!!

And Tagore......

To cut a long story short!!! after all this I met Biswadeep Roy.

He did not like Tagore. He read World War II stories, loved Mathematics, was fascinated with world history and economic, finance and all that jargon. He was not a bong if you went by my dictionary till date.

And then I fell love...head over heels type!!

Those rose tinted glasses are here to stay for me...forever....Love can make you do weird things. He listens to Robindroshongeet nowadays and I take a fascination towards his research on gadgets. It's a lot of belief, trust and a little bit of mush!

I am happy that he made me realise that the romantic little girl inside me has not died :) (*Touchwood*)

Have you felt love lately? that very stupid, naive thing to do in life :)

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