Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's him.

Well did you jump to a conclusion by reading the title of the post? Aww! off course you can, because this time it's really him. Gosh! you know what he just said, "Koi baat nahin senorita, bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain.. "

For once you guessed it right! It's none other than Shahrukh Khan. I just watched him on amul music ka maha muqqabla (a watch worthy show among the current crop of reality bytes!) and realised how much am I in awe of him. I LOVE him. And since when?? Well! since the time he whispered into my ears, "Come fall in love..". And trust me, I still find his dimples oh! so cute. I love the way he treats people, flirts with ladies 2 times his age, hugs them, greets them.....and when he looks into my eyes and says, "haar kar jeetney waley ko bazigaar kehtey hain.." i go weak on my knees. Many a people think he is the star, he is the superstar....but for a mere fan like me- he is everything a girl wants. the perfect gentleman who chased his dreamgirl. One who had a dream when everyone else laughed at him. and years later when his fairer(:P) colleagues had moved on to greener pastures dumping their wives of several years...SRK's marriage remains rock solid. Sounds quite unbelievable na? considering he has romanced the most gorgeous ladies of Indian cinema on screen. But he is the perfect family man who doesn't think about his demi god image before sharing his "chasing his love" stories on twitter with one and all. Hats off to you SRK! You are one of the most adorable human beings around.

and I must confess one thing today. there was a time I fantasized everyday that you are standing in that same mustard field with your arms wide open and singing "tujhe dekha to yeh jana sanam". Only this time it was not for kajol, but me! I still want to marry you SRK :-) :P. And i will keep that date with you as promised. One day I will go to Maratha Mandir just to watch my all time favourite movie on 70mm.

P.S whoever has taken the pains of going through this crap, hats off to you! You must be another die hard SRK fan like me to bear through this post. Thanks anyways. It was just a random rambling. :-)

Friday, January 15, 2010

How to lose a guy in 10 days- Let's do it the Bong way :P

I was sulking my way to glory when suddenly a friend's chat window popped up. She tried to console me in every possible way. And no! before you jump to the conclusion that it was about some impending break up, you are absolutely wrong :P. I had just returned back from home after my 2 months stay in the city of lights, joy and tinkling laughter. I wanted to run away from this place. But I had no other option. She suggested me to watch some movies. One of them was "How to lose a guy in 10 days". I wasn't particularly keen enough because my random reaction was, "Ok! listen, I have actually done that...I mean I have actually lost a guy in 10 days, so no Hollywoodi bhashanbaazi for me."
But she insisted. And I watched the movie. (needless to say everyone in the hostel had heard about it apart from me!)

And I hated it. I was so bored that I stopped watching it half way. Come on! what's wrong with the hi fundoo brains?? you need passion to lose a guy in 10 days. and real dedication too. ask me! but thanks anyways to the movie because it became an inspiration for me to write about the most revered feat on this planet- "How to lose a guy in 10 days- the Bongo woman way" :P

1. If that guy doesn't know anything about Tagore just burden him with everything tagore- ranging from Robindroshongeet to Gitanjoli to Shantiniketon and Boshontoutshob. In case he is a non bong this works wonders. In case he is the less privileged Bong (they dont want to show their lack of privilege or ogotya in front of the lady he is chasing) do that until he feels nauseated.

2. Ditto for all other poets ranging from Jibanananda to Srijato. DEMAND that he calls you Natorer Bonolota Sen and have to recite poetry in style.

3. Demand that Your man must have the smile of Uttam Kumar or Soumitro and need to have those perfect sexy eyes through which he communicates his unending love for you. And that includes writing poetry for which you are the inspiration.

4. Be that perfect poetry, but if he buys you books/flowers only for gifts throw a big tantrum. Gosh! you so much expected the new Dior watch or the Satya Paul sari.Plain and simple I love you doesn't work. Make it clear that he needs to make it "special" in every other way. and the definition of "Special"- well, make it arbitrary in your own way. Eg.- while having Phuchka near Gangar ghat.

5. Be that perfect Bong woman and swear by your Laal paar goroder sari, but in case he asks you to be dressed in a Sari for a particular occasion, show him your liberated bong woman image and call him a MCP. Well! don't hesitate to wear your lovely tussar sari though :P

6. Hate his mother. Just hate her and drill it into his head that the feeling is mutual.but then again never think twice to go on those shopping trips with her when off course, she is paying the bill.

7. Feed him. Baby feed him. Prod on him. do it the every other way, until and unless he feels fed up! :-O

8. Make every possible effort to turn him in to a hen pecked one. But show on the face of it that you want the perfect combination of salman's body, shahrukh's grace and Amitabh's baritone. By the time, he understands the nuances of the confusion , he will be more than eager to run away. Oh! btw, find time to tell him that he is your Amit Ray. In case he haven't heard about him..CRib, crIB and more CRIB about it. But find time for it ok! I missed this step :-(

9. Ask him about all his embarrassing secrets. But you know you are more than eager to share yours. In case he talks about an old crush, show grace and patience to hide that you are turning green with envy. Expect him to understand that which men by default won't. So be rest assured.

10. Last but not the least- Sing for him. Croon and Voila! he is gone. Well it might just be your rendition of Tagore's "Kotobaro bhebechinu apona bhulia..."

Btw, don't really try all this. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Phir se aaiyo Badra bidesi......

It smells nice..really nice. In fact I just discovered what a big turn on wet grass can be for me. You know it rained today in the sneaking zone between the morning giving way to another afternoon. It was just like that day. and today, I did not have to care about any worldly exams to give. I ran to the terrace. The rain drenched my toes, welcomed me to thy world. I was reliving the rain. I was reliving you....long after it was all over.

The raindrops glistened. They were in my hand...but before I realised they were gone.

It's a lovely evening here now. I have Ghalib and Gulzaar for company. And also the byanger gyangorgang (the toads croaking) just outside my window. The patch of blue is long gone, only to be cuddled by the dark, ilish smelling night :-).

Here's to the first rain of the season.
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