Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hyderabad Blues

 That's one of my favourite films. May be my love for the Kukunoor film had some chitchat while destiny was planning it out for me. On second thoughts- can love talk? yes it can :) and it can say "I love you" too :)coming back to Hyderabad, it's almost like second home now. The city saw me grow up. It has been through the many ups and a few downs I have gone through in my life. Agreed, there is nothing like Calcutta, but Hyderabad you will always remain special to me. Yes, may be this is the first time I am acknowledging this on a public forum, but yes! I am in love :) with the city :) And I still long to go back to Calcutta. That's the only place on this earth I call 'Home'. (Reiterated the umpteenth time) Oh1 wait, wasn't this post titled Hyderabad blues?

Blues! yes. They are everywhere nowadays. that muddy puddle I need to cross everyday while I go to office. The silent drizzle on the glass and the greens of the Durgam Chevuru lake....and the perfectly controlled silence inside the office. The I know what is called one :) Crazy schedules. dog tired weekends. Living alone. No friends to do all the random bakwaas. (Oh! they are back again in Hyderabad :P)

......blues. It's everywhere.

Wish there was a dhaba trip planned. and bhutta.

And wish he was here.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Part II

"You know he had called!"
"Oh! finally"
"What did he say?"
"Nothing much. just wished me luck for the upcoming fashion show"
"Just that"
"Yep! told that he was thinking of calling up to wish me."

(normal coffee shop and other chitchat follows, Mr.Nanda's daughter dating a college dropout occupies a primary position)

"Weird na?"
"What? yeah...a bit weird...may be he is taking his time"

"You still feel he has somebody else in his mind? and that he is doing all this to keep his parents happy?"

"How come?"

"He is the one am going to marry :) that's why"

"Woah, so sure"


Diksha Soone, Bombay, 2003

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saat phera and all that jazz!

Is he is he not the perfect marriage material? Is he gonna buy me that occassional diamond? ;-) Is he the type who take you out for romantic dinner dates-the candle light ones?? Is he gonna celebrate every other day with like number of long stemmed red roses?

Is he the one I can bitch about the uber hot girl who sits besides me or take investment tips from?

2 months later-

"Is he ever going to call me up?"

Diksha Soonee, Bombay, 2003 (to be continued)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Aamar shokol niye boshey achi shorbonasher ashay...."

bohukaal agey kono priyo kobi likhechilen...shotti kothata bhashay prokash korar er theke sohoj ar bodhogommyo upay bodhhoy ar thakena majhe majhe...mane ei je...onyo karo kobitar line churi kora.....tobe ei muhurtey e chara upay o nei....


(not open to interpretation) 

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