Friday, July 23, 2010

Golpo, shotti, adha-shotti
bishonnota, noiktyo, purbo obhineeto natok
bhagyorekha, koshthibichar

onek ochena, onek nirjonotar kachakachi tobu dariye thake onek bhalolagar ekta shotyo
onek bhenge jawar majheo tai chokher jol boley othey 'parbo'
kacher theke onek durey tai amar hariye jawa
snaner porer nirjash jemon bachiye rakhe, bar bar dnaar koriey dey kachakachi ekjoner
bar bar tai boltey iche kore, chaitey iche kore.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Confused! yes, that's what describes my state of mind perfectly right now. Choice and more over unadulterated choice does that to you. But I hope we all go back home happy after this ordeal is over. At least hope so for that I get to party soon. Pray for me! otherwise also there are thousands of reasons to smile up and coming, but this one I want. Please!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life is a strong antioxidant. Well, now if I ask any of my friends to read this post they will obviously discard this as one of those strong pro Calcuttan theorization of being happy. But this is not all Calcutta. This is about life in general. Life in general that derives anti ageing formula in the city of joy, love and laughter. This Calcutta trip will be memorable in many a ways, more than one.
The topography of Shankhari Para in Bhowanipore has changed. It houses a big apartment block nowadays. The geographical parameters might have affected the relationship between cousin sisters/boudi also. I visited them after quite a long time. One of my cousin didi is a proud mother now and I was amazed to see how motherhood completes one completely. A couple of years back I would have been snooty enough to comment on how her entire life revolved around her new born son. Not anymore. The child will be later taken to many a magic shows and he will believe in some and then grow oblivious to the fact. But it was sheer magic on the face of my didi when she toyed with her young son, pretended to cry to scare him and then make him laugh. If that's not a priceless mastercard moment in life then what is?
The purest form of love often finds expression in silence. Motherhood is the only exception. Others and the more predominant definition of love- the man and woman variety finds solace in silence. Subarnalata proved it for me. So did Chuti. The golden words of silence truly legitimizes the unwritten words on blank paper or the nostalgically old and forever fresh song by the gangar ghat- "Jodi ba ghotey onortho. tobuo tomaake chaayi..."  

That, apart from the internship scares, gossip and truckloads of work sums up my Calcutta trip this time. Have I been writing about Calcutta for too long? Silence should be the preferred way from now on. Only if it decides to turn a radiant silver now and then, it will just add on to the detoxification.
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