Friday, February 19, 2010

Rahul- Mujhse Shaadi Karoge?

Have you ever wondered why were you born on this planet? Did you? I did. Often, and not always in a vacant or in a pensive mood. Being reflective comes to me naturally you know and a certain Mr. Rahul Mahajan just acted as a catalyst.

So, why were you born on this beautiful planet? The answer, as of now, appears simple- to see Mr. Rahul Mahajan getting married on national television. No, that only does not suffice for an answer. The precision lies in accepting the fact that we were all born on earth (and that too before 2012!!) only to be a witness as to how Rahul Mahajan comforts a suitable "dulhan" on her non completion of a dance by saying, "Mein poora seduced ho gaya tha...".

In case you think am being sarcastic, you are absolutely wrong. Come on guys! give the poor soul "another" chance. You have to empathize with him when he says that through this swayamvar (the nomenclature is problematic since he is lookinf for a vadhu) he has learnt that an in India marriages work out not only between two individuals but two families. So what he is learning it the second time around and with charges of domestic violence plastered on his overburdened head?? We can give him a benefit of doubt right? after all Chetan Bhagat's book on the Indian marital scenario was yet to be released when Rahul started his selection for the perfect Dulhaniya.

And the Girls! Wow! mind blowing! amazing. Just when you thought Rakhi Sawant was the epitome of everything Women Liberation asked you to be- think again and think twice (Arunabh don't whine, there could not have been a better poetic justice to your brilliant line!) because these girls are the true flagbearers of everything an ideal, modern Indian woman should be (cat fights included). They will sing for Rahul, dance for Rahul and become BJP woman wing members just for Rahul. And look at their tenacity- one claims to be in love with Rahul for ten years. Who the eff told that true love was dead? Jago Bharatiya nari. Because, you can screw your knowledge of Indian mythology by saying "Rahul ki Radha to mein hi banoongi" in spite of the fact that Radha-Krishna never got married and it was Rukmini who stole the show. But then again she is the modern Indian woman who doe the latak-matak-jhatak to capture the attention of her man. Doesn't our literary and cinematic tradition provide for it? Didn't Meena Kumari do the full swing in Sahib, Biwi, Gulam? Detractors, please! be rational.

Also thank you NDTV Imagine. thanks for producing such shows which provide the perfect foil for such bonding in this ruthlessly competitive planet. And a special mention for the editors of the show. The selection of background music- amazing, mind blowing,  fantastic (nosy twang). 

Also, Rahul I know what an inspiration you are for a certain Mr. Vikram Seth. I am sure you are aware that he is coming up with the sequel for "A Suitable Boy" tentatively called "A Suitable Girl" in the near future.


  1. I didn't know that Rahul would be participating in a Rakhi ke Swayambar type program before reading this. It will be interesting to follow but completely a gimmick. :)

    This one is more in line with the foreign reality show - "The Bachelor"

  2. he he, actually, this one is called swayamvar season 2 and rahul mahajan has assured that he is going to marry on television. no engagements type bluffing this time :P

  3. Aami ekdin ei serial ta dekhechilam..fultoo jaata!!

  4. It's a horrible, horrible show. Really. But tell you a secret- I still watch it. It is the funniest thing on TV these days, a close second to Loksabha TV :)

  5. @tamanna, i know and i so agree with you. since nowadays they have started editing out portionsn of the loksabha telecast, catfights over rahul are definitely most entertaining thing on tv :-)
    @mina di, parley youtube ey dekhben....emon jinish charar noy :-)


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