Monday, July 25, 2011


1. Love makes your world go round....and square, rectangle and what not! It's like watching the stars descend and kiss your feet goodnight...every night :)

2. Have you ever said "I Love you" and meant it? In case you haven't, please do! It will make you the happiest person on this planet.

3. I am nowadays training to be that perfect homemaker. I can now wash bedsheets and jeans on my own, without a washing machine that is. Quite an acheivement for daddy's little girl na? :D

4. It feels liberating when I pay my own bills. Pay through those vouchers when we go to eat out. And buying those flight tickets back home- first time with my own money. I remember everytime I deceided lastminute to go back home when  all the flights were dangeously overpriced and all I needed to do was to call up dad and start crying :P. Did you ever watch that Mastercard ad?

5. I have this huge crush on Shashi Tharoor. Probably the second longest one. And I am just completely in aw of him. Wonder what made him marry a garishly decorated woman like her :( I am jealous! Also, I am yet to finish his article in Deccan Chronicle this week. My bad luck :(

6. I have discovered almost all good loooking eateries in and around Madhapur. I promise myself everyweek that I won't have so much outside food next weekend, but then again friday night comes and I crave for Chinese. That reminds me. I have discovered this amazing small bengali food joint near that Madhapur petrol bunk called "Tumpa". Seriously! it's awesome and so cool on your pockets. so any bong out there (in and around Madhapur/ Jubilee Hills) who is missing home food and ont want to spend so much on that overhyped "Calcutta Cabin" can surely go there. It's alsmot like a Dada Boudi's hotel. And you will be amazed to see the amount of bengalis out here only in Madhapur. Every time I walk down my lane I can hear somebody or the other blabbering his/her way to glory in probbaly the sweetest language on the planet (ok! I will consider Urdu and am yet to learn French so....)

7. I think I am just in awe of someone. That one guy who discusses and gives me random gyan about India's foreign policy. Can educate me big time on India's defense policy. The one with whom I can share my views about Atish Taseer's that 'now' much talked about article. And how he makes a point that Taseer, with all due repect, doesn't make any new point..academically speaking. And then we discuss why is this one special...may be because of that politically overhyped parentage...and the real pain that Taseer faced. You see! I think you are just plain and simple "awesome". Be my friend. Always :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Being in love :)

Nothing in this world can match up to the ecstasy of falling in love, but I think nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING can be like the feeling of 'being in love'.

It's all but natural that most of us have pondered many times over about what exactly to tag as love and what just another passing thought (ah! you can term that as 'chhok'- enlightened people who understand 'this' will appreciate- others just forget about it :)), but when you meet know he is the 'one'. Yes! the kind of proverbial, cheesy- 'someone special' know it from the very beginning....and coming from someone who has believed all her life that "being in love is a state of mind", you got to take that seriously.

does that feeling change you? transform you?...Well! it just makes your friend and family complain that they you dont have time for them anymore :) It makes some one google 'purboraag'. It makes a self confessed Bihari babu take a liking for everything Bengali (which coincidentally is his mother tounge too :P)Change..yes! thats happens a remember 'him' everytime some one mentions something even remotely funny you shared with him. and you absolute nonsense.take his trip.make him promise that he will buy you what not....and then think again......and talk...and moments are created one after the other....forever.

To say 'thank you' for letting me be myself...and to accept me the way I am, will be..err! quite dishy and PDA stuff, which I am told is not quite fashionable. But then agian, who doesn't like mush? and who minds all those couple things?

Looking forward to a lifetime worth of 'friendly dinners'. :)
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