Friday, October 14, 2011


There are no excuses this time. I have been away for long..and that is quite wholesomely long this time. I was just going through my blog and honestly this looks like a personal update page rather than what it was intended to be. Not that I owe an explanation but just felt like saying it aloud. Or rather typing it with elan and facing the words on the laptop screen (since that's the end word for many things these days). It's the easier option actually :)

I have the utmost privilege of typing out this post while sitting within the comfortable periphery of my South Calcutta home. Yes, that's a privilege I have earned after quite sometime. For at least sometime in near future I will be in Calcutta...or at least I will prefer it to be that way. And it's crazy out here. 

The craziness does not limit itself to the never ending queue before the Jodhpur Park Pujo pandal on Saptami night. It extends much beyond that...namely the great Indian Wedding. My family is gearing up for dual  weddings this winter. My cousin sister is getting married shortly. The other one which will follow shortly, is of course...mine :))

Yes! am getting married...and I am already into that this red banarasi sari or that maroon one mode. I am truly enjoying my last few days of spinster hood. Same goes with my 'ogo shuncho' (a typical bong way of calling your husband..according to Hindu mythology 'supposedly' you are not supposed to take your husband's name and this one fits in perfectly...universally acknowledged, response guaranteed ;))

Wedding, yes! but what interests me more is the completely idolised and revered institution of marriage. What makes a marriage tick? Is it the grand wedding that you plan? Or a perfect lavish foreign  honeymoon? Or the solitaire?


My fiance was away from the country for a long period of time and he finally returned home this September. I got to meet him only in October though due to our professional commitments. The first day I met him after so long, I generally kept quiet...for long. Anybody knowing me will vouch that this is not only quite unusual on my part but also that I have small bout of insanity. But we just smiled and looked into each other's eyes. And we smiled. May be that's just a part of it, but I wish to have this amazing journey with this..always.

Of course I won't mind the Fossil watch or the kindle that he gifted me...or the amazing chocolates that he got for me. And more spicy food at Benjarong (Mainland China was such a disappointment this time- foodwise!). But those are just add ons :)
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