Saturday, February 27, 2010


It's almost 1 in the night and am munching on a bar of five star. No am not an insomniac, it's just that i have overslept. And I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle too. But chocolates just find their way to me. And by now you must have understood that I am an ego(t)ist.
But I guess boredom and being alone (well almost) does that to you. For starters, I stay in a hostel and I love it. But I hate these parts of the year when there is a sudden break and there is no one on campus. Not that my campus is full of eye candies that I want to feast upon, but it's essentially the fact that you have grown familiar to the fact that you will get to see these 400 people everyday on this 65 acres campus. I hate it more when my peers are sitting at home and enjoying macher jhol or the home cooked rajma chawal and I have to languish in the agony of eating the same mess food. Baba barred me from coming home because my kid sister has final exams and it is a known fact that she doesn't study when am around. That just makes me wonder that apart from  the last 3 and a half years that I have been here, she had taken all her exams when I was around (well almost all).   I hate being treated as a guest in my own home. But then again the fact remains that nowadays I visit home for a holiday. I hate that part you know. Just the way I have developed a strong dislike for the way am treated still as a kid at home. I was literally barred from going to the beach for a vacation with friends just because my parents where scared that I might drown in. Not that I blame them. It almost happened once in Puri, I guess a year and a half back, on a family holiday. If not for an uncle who knew how to swim, it would have been my ghost typing out these words :P.
I understand the concerns but it is like I can feel the gap widening. I was the laziest soul on this planet (and still is) before NALSAR happened to me. In fact, one of the primary reasons why I think my Baba never objected to my coming here was (apart from the fact that I actually made it through one of the best national law schools in the country) the fact that he wanted me to be independent. I remember the year in JU when I was doing Comparative Literature there- Everyday I had classes from around 12...and my house is like 15 mins by an auto from the university (shit! i miss the ride on the rickety auto and haggling for change with the drivers), but I used to be late by some 5-10 minutes everyday. And god forbid, if it was a 10.30 class- I was always absent. But nowadays, am always there, albeit running, for the 9'o clock class. I remember Ma calling me up every morning during my 1st semester to wake me up. Nowadays she doesn't. She knows I will manage.
I do manage, but I also miss being pampered. But I also find it a little freaky when my parents prod on every move I make when am at home. I do understand the genesis of the dillema, but I don't know a way out.

So, did that rant help? Well, you might just be cursing yourself under your breath for taking up your valuable time, but as I told you I was bored to death and you get this philosophical when you are bored to death. I was. So, digression came easily. and now that I am done I will get back to Oscar Wilde, Chughtai and Tharoor- the one's I borrowed from the library and promised myself to finish before this holi break ends.

P.S. I was actually planning to write an analysis of the Annual Budget but dropped the idea eventually. Think that would have been less boring for you. See, an overdose of Economic Times does that to you. Btw, the FM promised that there is a plan underway to compile all the FDI related documents in one place so as to make it comprehensive and make the FDI policy understandable and less obscure. Good for us. Hapless poor legal interns who have to scurry through all of them to locate the right one and then work on it. Also RBI to grant more banking licences and that includes NBFCs too. Interesting! (and I won't further lengthen this P.S.)


  1. Nice post. I didn't know you were an aspiring advocate.

    Re missing classes - I was the same way in college. Now since I have a job, I have to be in on time. lol

  2. @anirban, I am :-). Though don't know if I am game for wearing the black gown and argue in the courts.
    Also, I wish I could miss those early morning classes. But here we have this shitty75% rule and some marks alloted to the thing, so even if I try I end up sitting in one lecture after the other.

  3. Boredom is the root of all dreams. !

    By the way liked Sukholota. Story was narrated Aparna Sen style, you might want to submit this to konkona to see if she'd act. I visualized Paromita's Ek din kind of a set up. Was getting impatient towards the end,the tragedy,complexity and prejudice all captured meticulously.Two or three spelling mistakes if i remember correctly.Aapnar and Rakto...but that is not a big deal,overall here's some special cheese from Scrambled egg.! Well written story.

  4. @gyanban, lol. cheese. hmm! but seriously that aparna sen thing made me laugh for quite sometime...and now that you mention paromitar ekdin, i can actually visualise it in that genre...may be paroma too :-)


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