Monday, February 8, 2010

Celebrity pangs or normalcy hues?

Priety Zinta, the original 'zing' babe of bollywood recently tweeted-
"Y this attitude with single women in dis country! Is single being a crime? Does d media think i am easy or worse desperate! Bad karma folks!"

For once I completely agree with her. Grow up guys! there is more to life than updating your facebook relationship status once a girl is of "dateable age". yes! that's how you are defined when you are in college and just around 20 may be (prem korbar/biye r boyosh etc. etc. in bengali).
Ms. Zinta might be a celebrity in her own right, but for people like us the problem remains the same. For me in case even if I share a coffee time conversation also with a guy friend of mine, that becomes another link up. I know the place where I stay for 8 months of the year has a weird and very funny fascination for linking up random people and I will be an hypocrite of the first order to say that I don't like indulging in all these childish fact, i love it!!! Singing "happy birthdays" in class(you have to be a nalsarite to understand the significance :D) is my favourite pastime :P. But then again the presumption of you being available and really needing someone in your life for everything under the sun just increases in case you are single.
And this is not restricted to the campus alone. Once am back home or for that matter virtually connected to my friends now strewn all over the globe, I hate when they ask me repeatedly- "why are you still single?"
And nobody takes it for an answer that "am single by choice". It's a very fashionable answer but very difficult to believe i must say. Come on, many of those inquisitive erstwhile so called "friends" regularly inquire "am i still single, and if so then how and why?"

Seriously folks, being single is not a crime. It is not about the rosy picture of the glorious heights of flirting that I can reach just by being single. (Yeah! i say that because that is often presumed to be the reason for my being "not in a relationship.") There is more to it. We are not as loose as you think of us. Not that we care much, but it's that presumptions hurt. at the end of the day even I long to talk to someone and share all the random shit that I indulged into the entire day. Or may be I also need a shoulder to cry on sometimes. Aren't these needs very normal?
But then again we do have certain dreams, certain ideal match types fanatasies and most importantly certains fears of being stuck up with a jerk to be taken care of. Or may be we are nursing a broken heart or yet to get over someone and do not wish to be harsh on anybody else. Or may be it is plain and simple that "by choice" theory in life. For certain moments we may long for someone but the other we might just thank our stars for the space we enjoy without anybody trotting us on what not to wear and who not to talk to. And "curious friends" please take heart. I know you miss the male attention. But trust me, there is more to "being single" rather than purporting yourself as an object of glory in front of the male eye. Alas! your shallow self fails to understand that.:P

Cheers to us! Let's raise a toast. Ms. Zinta, you are most welcome to join.


  1. Tobai jai bolis..single thakar cheye commited thakar moja tai alada...

  2. Nice post. Part of the enjoyment in being single is realizing that everyone needs some space sometimes.

  3. And what's the meaning of your blog header?

  4. hey jaky,
    thanks for visiting my blog. Roddurer Protisruti is a bengali term. It roughly translates to "Promises of the sunshine" in English :-)


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