Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Quite a crazily proud proclamation as it may be- but yes! am the man I knew was the one quite tailor made for me. The realization had struck me the very first time we exchanged emails....and rituals, customs, lal benarasi sari, topor mathay bor, a rather warm December day and the big fat bong wedding over......almost a year later since the day we keyed in a few words through a very formal mail on our parents' insistance- I, sorry, 'we' stick to that.

People often ask me whether it is an arranged marriage, how did we meet and stuff. I suppose people going through our wedding website must have an idea by now(the one I laboriously did content writing for and my utterly geeky tech friendly hubby dearest supervised :p). We met through a very traditional arranged matchmaking set up where our parents talked first....saw whether our educational, professional and family backgrounds were compatible. But somewhere I started believe in the lore- 'every marriage is based on love'- without that it just cannot survive.

Yesterday or the day before that while setting up our new place in the city of my dreams- Calcutta- I asked him a question- "did we actually have an arranged marriage". "We had a marriage....a lovely one...Let's not call it names".

I think that profoundly describes it. He is surely the best best thing to have happened to me in a really long, long time.....and I hope it stays like that for years to come. I am not saying that because of the unlimited shopping bonanza he treated me to while in Bangkok. But for the way he held my hand and reassured me while that scarily dangerous snake show in Phuket. To the time we held and hands and took small baby steps in the pristine green waters in Phi's to many more to come.

Love you Deep. Stay the way you are. I love those fights we have over who is a better cook. And you know I love cooking for you. Thanks for gulping down the gibberish. Thanks for the wonderful family that I added to my own kitty. A mom in law who cooked me a proper six course Bengali meal on my birthday right after the wedding.

The day I turned twenty three, I was holidaying in Agra...visiting probably the most romantic monument on earth- the Taj Mahal with my family.....I had one day thought of finding someone whose love was a as pure as the "subhro sommujol" Taj Mahal.....never knew by the time the days took a turn and I grew a year younger, my life will be so different...for the better. Never knew I will meet you.

Thank you is not enough. **Touchwood** (Am very scared of the evil eye) :)


  1. Poushali I appreciate the way you have penned down the feelings of a newly wed heart. I also appreciate your literary quality which should bloom properly. Nourish it,literature gives that immense pleasure which cannot be explained in words. Dadabhai

  2. I was waiting for this post! I am very very happy for you. You are the happiest, chirpiest and loveliest newly-wed I have ever seen.

    My best wishes (and ashirbad ;-) for many moments for you to cherish together.

    Have a wonderful life ahead!

  3. jusi stupendously fantastic..n such a nice way of puttin down ur feelings..wishin u dat each day remains as a wonderful memory bringin sumthin new in both of your lifes...have a wonderful life filled with joy n happiness..

  4. Wow...Congrats!!Remember me?Paramita from Fort wayne,U.S.A.....Well,I am now back in the motherland.All the Best for your new life!!Btw,my hubby's name is also Deep.(seems they get married to the good girls)-:):)

  5. Welcome to the real world !

  6. thank you all :)
    @dadabhai, thanks for visiting and really means a lot :)
    @amru, next time kolkata eley amar biyer treat ta baki roilo kintu :)
    @debosmita di, awwww!!! that's such a nice compliment :) thank you :))
    @soumali, thank you mimi....really means a lot :)
    @paramita di, nishchoyi mone ache....ekhon kokatay??? and I think you are absolutely right about the name thing :)
    @gb, that comment was such a vintage gb one...:D cheers!

  7. Paushali Di I don't see you on Facebook.

  8. Itni tareef to woh khud apni nahi kar sakta :)


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