Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reminiscence Part 1

"Tafree ho gayi"
"Chappal kaha hain mere...chappal nikaal ke marenge"
"Beti ki saale" (that was supposed to be a gaali"
"Pappa ko sab pata hain"
"Yaar!!!! bohot ganda khana hain...chal dhaba chaltey hain"
"Fehla do!"
"Aaj na kutte ban jeyenge"
"Treat de de yaar"
"ghar se khane ka kya lekey aayi hain"
"aaj room saaf karana hain yaar"
"Chalo yaar lets play chuppa chuppi"
"12'o clock common room.....'s birthday"
"chal na lane pe ek chakkarlagatey hain"
"8'o clock dinner.."
"saali!!!! hot banke ghum rahi hain"
"kuch khane ko hain?"
"section 377 has been read down.....yeah!!!!" ".....kya nautanki hain yaar"
"chal iska na saath link up kar dete hain....barein dono walk shwalk pe jaaney lage hain"
"library card kho gaya mera"
"yaar registrar ne bulalli.....kaal late aa gaya tha na"
"submission over..aaj to party karenge"
"tere shaadi mein to bin bulaaye pahuch jayenege aur .... .... chillayenge"
"go years"
"and the carpe diem champions are...the 4th years"

bits and pieces of conversations. bits and pieces of existence around the four corners of a campus which have always been the walled city for it's occupants. and now when it is almost time to leave, the realisation dawns that it has somehow got intertwined with the lives of the ones who ones hated returning back to it after holidays....away from home, family and the rest of the civilisation. we started our journeys here as eighteen year olds...the ones who have earned their entry through the haloed portals by cracking a coveted national level exam. Were we snobs? of course we felt nice and good when people at internships gave you extra advantage just because you were from NALSAR. The name obviously helped us in taking that big step forward in our careers.....but more than that, it made us learn how to survive in this big, bad, world...alone and as a team. Five years down the line...when it is almost time to leave, I feel home.

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  1. Just the exact feelings when u leave college...U nailed it baby ....u did it again;)


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