Monday, October 25, 2010

Unoshyar, bishorgo ar Chandrobindoo.

I was first introduced to the kind of music Chandrobindoo makes, in class IX (9). I still remember vividly how the girls of our class gave mickey and rahul the surprised look while they started singing- ta na na nana na and duniya dot com from their album 'Cha'. It was just before the puja vacation in school. I suppose it was either Shukla aunty's class(she used to make special requests- "gao to")or the break when they started singing the popular Malgudi days tune, of course with a 'twist'. Mickey, the funny man of our class later clarified it was chandrobindoo and I was almost five years too late sinc etheir first appearance on the bangla music map.
But then again, I was quick to catch up and oh! boy, how much I loved them! Simply speaking, to any ardent follower of contemporary bangla music they (Chandril, Upal and Anindya) do not need any introduction. For me they are the ones who set the standard for sense of humour, wit and subtlety. The range of music they cover- be it from 'Bhindeshi Taara' (original version-not the antaheen one) to 'Amra bangali jati' or for that matter 'gabgubagub' or 'tomake shonabo joy goshaayi' to 'mon' or 'sei hawa'- it's magical and hillarious at the same time. They are different from the regular 'band' picture we get- three guys with overgrown hair and beard head banging with the guitar and another two sitting on the drums and the keyboard (no offences meant!!). But they look like the average bong guys next door with chandril's sparkling eyes giving a hint of dushtumi going on his mind. Also, I have a very soft corner for anindya's beard apart from his voice and that 'fichel hashi'. But it's their lyrics and soft, melodious music which attracts one to them the most. Long after you are done listening to their songs, the chuckle still remains. They smell of Calcutta, innocent love, nostalgia, lush green of the days gone by and what not. What more can you expect after hearing a song whose lyrics goes like- "marx, freud er kache jeo na, brain ey jhilmil legey jaabe" or for that nostalgia evoking first love fetish that you get after hearing- "shudhu snaner jol ey likhehci daknaam...arey na shona...eka boka thakbo na".
And many more....I sometimes pity poeple who don't understand bangla. Primarily for two reasons- one, they can't read the original robi thakur or sorotbabu or shankar (trust me, his chowringhee has a very good english translation, but nothing compares to the original) and secondly, they can't understand chandrobindoo's songs :P.
So here's to the creators of immortal songs like- "tobu tumi amar cpm, tumi amar atm, tumi amar series prem er sesh ta", "dada didi haat dhorey shiriteyi boshey porey", "aami to chayiboyi- e shohorey tumi nemey esho", "o amar modhyobitto bhiru prem gopon kalshitey", "muchhe dao jolchhap, ashbe na mon kharap...thik 5tar por".....the one's which never fail to uplift my mood. Cheers to them and their music! The best thing to happen to bangla music after Suman Chattopadhyay. (ok! now the fossils fans can shout....torko na holey bangali hoy naki? torko diyei to bojha jaay- bangla gaan ajo bechey ache guru)

this is for the ones who love their music just like sure there are many.....

Just a random collection- no particular preferences and also, no copyright infringement, if any, is intended. Onek dushtumi r gaan bad porlo..couldn't locate the videos..abar onek 'mon kemon' kora gaan o nei llishti tai...mon kharap koro na tai boley...."bondhu tomay e gaan shonabo bikelbelay.....arekbaar jodi tomader doley nao khela"

P.S- Just before I left home for NALSAR, I wasn't carrying a laptop or a computer, but I made sure I copied the entire Chandrobindoo collection on a CD (i didn't even have a flash drive then) from my didibhai's computer. The one stays with me till date with additions now and then.


  1. Fossils er songe chandrabindu r compariosn ashena!
    Fossils nissondehe ekta sera band!
    Rupam da otuloniyo!
    bt bt bt chandrabinduy is chandrabindu!
    kono kotha hobena!
    variations ki! lyrics ki! uff jata!
    "tomake niye chinta hoy,
    Tumi to preity zinta noy"
    "Bondhu tomay e gaan sonabo bikelbela
    "sei ashar mashe,
    Prothom dine
    Adam r eve eden garden e"


  2. I want that collection...amar purono HD crash korar pore ar ekbar jogar kora hoy ni. The thing I like about Chandrabindoo is that they are very 'Bangali'...especially the wit and sense of humour (thats what separates them from the rest, imho) ta onek kichu mone koriye dilo janish, like the chandrabindoo songs sung by entire 10A amader farewell er din e, and the distortions/additions made by us...besh bhalo likhechish eta.

    Ar tor na kal porikkha? porte bosh??!!!!

  3. @bhai, ekdom thik...they are much closer to heart....
    @swayambhu da, thik bolecho..oder specialty oi nikhad bangaliana....aro beshi kore kolkata r ekta feel ashey oder gaaney..mane oi line ta dhoro "tar porey class hoto hedua y".....and puro collection ta peteyi paro..jodi na amake portey bosha niye boka boki bondho koro :P

  4. I could not grasp most of the stuff in the article but for this sentence "And many more....I sometimes pity poeple who don't understand bangla."
    I agree that we are deprived of so much rich literature especially like the Nobel works of Tagore.

  5. write something about songs like "emono boshonto dine" and "bathroom" by chandrabindoo as well. your take on such insinuations such as "chhater ghore ekla pele bangla hiseb bujhi" which chandrabindoo give out in songs like "gabgubagub" would be an interesting read;)
    i persally love their songs, but just take for example and write something


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