Sunday, July 19, 2009


Being in touch with the virtual reality seems to be the latest fad. I know am putting forth my valuable opinion almost 2-3 years late, but better late than never. and needless to say i love the idea of staying connected with many of my friends around the globe with whom i had shared my classroom since nursery. their orkut or facebook profiles sometimes do baffle me. only that day did i bump on the profile of a batchmate who was married and all, happily settled in domesticity. another day i came across the profile of this guy who was a primary school mate having a gala time in the us of a with a live in relationship to flaunt (many of our common friends who were guys were plain and simple jealous). those are braodly the two ends of the spectrum....but am immensely happy sometimes to be back in touch with someone i had rather forgotten about. rather their existance was purely circumstantial, but being connected to them through the virtual world brings back the memories of the circumstances in which we came to know each other. and that works for me.....keeps me fascinated for a few hours atleast.

Do i live in the past? i dont care, i love my forwardlooking present too much :P

For someone like me who had shared her daily dose of gossip with her didibhai while growing up, it's almost unimaginable how would i have survived thousands of miles away from home, without actually doing that. and voila! gtalk is here :-) thanks to it, my std bills dont run too high!

A heartfelt thanks to all those tech geeks for making me a virtual reality. (*sniff*)

P.S. I warned you i am overtly emotional.


  1. very true.....I agree...... i say its all about having a 'NET'- gain :P :D

  2. muuuuuuaaaaahhsss babayyyy!! :)
    Internet has changed everything.... so we must say 'joy net babar joy' :P :D

  3. aptly said..who feels he goodness of net more dan me n u..right gal;)


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