Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The ceremonial 1st post!

As I get down to write my first post on this new blog of mine (yes, I finally decided that abegprobon is long dead.) it strikes me that the numbness hurts. Ouch! it has been a long long time that i have actually written something substantial. the comatose situation has existed for too long and that's something am not too happy with. This fella says it happens, but I really don't want to lose out on this trait of mine which I am actually quite fond of. The opening line shows now and then and there are stories all around and that draft of Titir's story still remains incomplete, but I am unable to shape them up. And am scared!

P.S. I had this long forgotten chat saved in my mailbox where I proclaim myself to be someone like God herself (yes, I think God/Goddess -the distinction is worthless and the stereotype quite non engaging). I could create life, emotions, kill them, hurt them, make them laugh and cry...all that with my keyboard (I so hate it!). May be "SHE" didn't like the idea much. You were right actually!! my overenthusiasm does actually put off people I love to be conversant with. But cant help it actually, I really want to know what's going on, plain and simple curious I am ;-)


  1. kotota thik likhle pore lekhok howa jy??proshnota to jana...uttorta chy....:)

  2. any points for guessing the 'fella'

    I am happy you are writing.


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