Saturday, March 10, 2012

B(v)idyang Dehi!

Firstly, I am too overwhelmed to write a proper movie review.

Secondly, I am no movie critic.

It's just that I am overwhelmed by the cinematic experience called 'Kahaani'. What a movie! What a city! and what an actor(s)! (sic.)

There is absolutely no doubt that I am a devout Calcutta fan. Needless to say there are many more in the blogosphere or for that matter, in this small place whose mystery is still being investigated by a certian Sheldon Cooper ;), but 'Kahaani' has shook me...after a long, long time.

Nobody, and this includes the over emphasis of the Howrah Bridge, the phuchka in front of Victoria and Moulin Rouge in Parineeta, has shown my city, the only city in this whole wide world I call 'home' so beautifully...unadulterated, pure, charming, graceful, pregnant with expectation, warmth...and lethal. The women organisations may debate on and on...but Kolkata and 'Calcutta' you are truly 'sexy' and a 'siren'. A 'sex-bomb' I say.

The best part about the film is the fact that in doesn't show Calcutta in that very stereotypical mould of the city of the past. It is about today. It is about the constant optimism that we Calcuttan's live with.....probably the only city that balances of its 'korchi na korbo na' tradition with the new found lingo of Sector V and Rajarhat. (It's completely different that I find Camac Street a class apart :))

You know what? I think Sujoy Ghosh is a pucca Calcuttan....not any other non resident Bong...he doesn't make that stupidest mistake that anybody commits nowadays and which makes Calcuttans like me turn back and retort- "Salt Lake is not Kolkata." I know you will cringe but the fact remains- it's still a satellite township which doesn't fall within the limits of the city. Sujoy Ghosh actually moves ahead and don't fall into that beaten formula of showing yesteryear's Kolkata means- Victoria Memorial, Park Street, Trincas and Cabaret. Today's Kolkata is- Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge and decorated pieces in some sleepy neighbourhood of Salt Lake. That mould is broken! Most importantly, Sujoy Ghosh and the DoP, Setu, thank you for showing Calcutta moments in a mainstream collage without adding any hanky panky which is so very associated with the cities timeline.

His Calcutta is very much the Nonapukur or Kumortuli we know. Or the bylanes of a smellingly old Central Calcutta house. And the very evident and bustling South Calcutta. Kalighat, Triangular Park, Ballygunge Cultural er pujo....uuf!! ki nei.

And Durga Pujo!!!! What a montage, what a use of Dhaaks in the climax. The very religious symbolisms turn into the imagery of woman power which kills and protects. Hats off! for even thinking like this.

And I will not talk about the performances. Vidya Balan, my dear Palaghat Iyer lady, you are an honorary bong  or rather a Calcuttan know that right? Thank you for being so subtle and so unapologetic and proud about being after film. In today's world of heroines (not actresses) so very obsessed with their frail frames, you are a worthy exception. And so very seductive. The film also showcases the goldmine of talented actors that Bengali cinema treasures. Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Saswata, Kharaj....each and everyone. The 'kahaani' of the film is it's true hero and the scriptwriting is- to use a teenager's way of expressing her first Valentine moment- out of the world!

And then there is that one person who has probably given words to all my emotions...every single time :) His song written probably quite a few years ago binds the thematic representation of the story at a level where we all identify. Probably he doesn't need any more reckoning and we are minions to  give him so.....but once again he proves, and a point well proved, that those who call him outdated are so very obsolete and poor (the word couldn't possibly match up to the emotional content of the bengali word 'deen').

The only character who overshadows all this and rises much beyond is the lady who is better known as the city of laughter, joy, warmth and tinkle- Calcutta!


  1. fantastic....a super review for a fantastic movie...:)

  2. great boudi.. will be watching it soon...

  3. d same kind of review frm mom n aunty yesterday..will try to watch it..n ya me proud to hv been a part of d city..n well written boudi..


    (Translation: I loved that movie!!!)

    Watched it today. Third day third show :)))

  5. Nicely written. Frankly I enjoy your posts, very entertaining … and read them whenever I get the time :)

    B(v)idyang Dehi! – nice play on words!

    Sujoy Ghosh must come up with such gems more often. Tired of the sub-standard fare that passes ...for cinema: all the dishum-dishum, item songs, ear-splitting cacophony, clothes that are barely there, no plot, bare-chested in-your-face attitude, and romance that’s more like a cantankerous war. The subtlety in ‘Kahaani’ is so very welcome.

    … And Vidya will make for a superb ‘Debi Choudhurani’. I read somewhere that Rituporno Ghosh his planning his magnum opus with hold-your-breath … Aishwarya Rai. Nooooooooooooo.

  6. Umm, but didn't quite get this 'boshonternoshtoneer' bit. Kindly elucidate...

  7. I have been told that Kahani is a must watch especially for them who love Kolkata and Vidya.

    I have been told that Saltlake is not Kolkata and I kind of agree but Saltlake is one of the best place of Kolkata (for me) :)
    Ask Deep

  8. @ Paushi : Nicely written review..

    @ Bhav : I agree. I also liked that place

  9. Nobody, and this includes the over emphasis of the Howrah Bridge, the phuchka in front of Victoria and Moulin Rouge in Parineeta, has shown my city, the only city in this whole wide world I call 'home' so beautifully --------------

    Sorry to copy paste your writing.... but this is the best way i can salute my home...!! My Kolkata...!!

  10. Wow!!! this is turning out to be one of the most commented pieces on my blog :) Thank you people :):) Truly honoured :)

    @eesha, thanks for your constant appreciation :)
    @amru, thank you shona :)
    @riya, thank you dear :)
    @soumali, thank you :) :)
    @Roshmi, Thank you :) and welcome to the blog. And Aishwarya Rai as Debi Choudhurani? hilarious! but the he made Riya sen act can trust him on that count. Personally I would have preferred Vidya :)And about boshonternoshtoneer- well!! that will take up another blog post :P
    @voice, :) :) We will have a debate on this someday..over piping hot chai :)
    @Deep, OMG!!! you commented???
    @subrit, thank you subrit....and great to know that it has touched chords :)

  11. "And about boshonternoshtoneer- well!! that will take up another blog post"

    - Waiting for it then :)

  12. Ekghor lekha ... satti ekrash Kolkata chure dilo cinema ta

  13. @Roshmi, :) :)
    @Abar Ashibo Fire, Nishondehe...amar dekha onekdin badey shottikarer 'chayachobi'. Lives up to the name :)

  14. simply loved the movie! here is my take on it

    1. Will check and sorry for replying late. coming here after long :)


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