Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lush blue and ecstatic green.

Does the title sound a bit odd? Well! it is meant to be :) Or to put it this way- These are the predominant colours of my life right now. Blue, as you must have guessed, is the bleeding obsession of the nation as we gear up for another cricket World Cup final tomorrow. And needless to say, the common room atmosphere is is the ambiance near the giant screen while the India matches are on!

And green we are...definitely...not with envy...but ecstatically proud of the vibrant batch...the best of the placements and LLM application acceptances (Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, NYU- you name it- we have it :P)- the batch of 2006-2011 is all fireworks!! "Amra nobin/ Amra Chonchol" and if I may add "Amra sobuj" :P :D

And that green thing is kind of infectious since we won Carpe Diem 2011 (our very own Intra college fest) with whopping margin of 2200 points. Agreed final years are vella and stuff...but this victory was extra sweet with those numerous 'batch' moments emerging in the dance rehearsals, movie spoof planning and the finale night- glimpses of which have been captured to be part of our facebook albums and in our minds...forever....a deleted photo tag can't undo the emotions of hysterical laughing and trip taking right?

That reminds me...this journey is almost over..or rather the phase of life that we emphatically remember as 'student life' is coming to an end and though I cribbed and jostled through these five years to get over, am really feeling sad after these days...I am going to miss the randomness. The part of being the batch of 2011 (that I always will be). The feeling of random "le lena" sessions that could commence anytime....To think of it the giant cauldron called NALSAR did something good for all of us....all of us from varied backgrounds and different parts of the country..some form way beyond...a few whom I might never meet after these days get over as they will move back to their own countries :))

The batch photoshoot was as enlightening as these five years have been and thanks to Swetali we have candid shots through the 'other' camera (the official one being the one used for the university publication stuff). Lot sof newly discovered link ups, happy birthday (you have to be from NALSAR to know the enigma of a happy birthday) and sheer joy of being a batch. From the cold wars to back biting, bitching, friendships, moments and pride- we have seen it all....but when we go out, we go out as a happy batch. 

So, am happy wappy and waiting for my batch t shirt to arrive- with the motif of the legendary neem tree on it. NALSARite forever :))

Nostalgia reigns supreme for me nowadays :))

P.S.- Have been away from my blog for  long..was pretty caught up with Carpe Diem planning and practice, submissions, house hunting and a few more interesting stuff you see :))

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