Monday, February 21, 2011


1. Aging gracefully is fun. I just realised that people who acknowledge and celebrate being fifty always end up on the positive side of the age debate. After all who minds the compliments like "Fifty? you still look so young". Bottom line- Accept your physical age. Wrinkles look good and wisdom even better. Salt and pepper is in and Grey is sexy. Also, It's your mind which does all the calculations. Be nice and be chirpy as a sixteen year old.

2. Went to watch Saat Khoon Maaf. And I just want to quote Gulzaar to describe the experience- "Aapko dekh ke, badi der se/Meri saans ruki hain..." Also, the security at Inox in GVK mall, Hyderabad asked my friends Shreya and Paridhi while pointing towards me "Inki umaar kitni hain?" Well! it was an A certified movie and I actually had to show my Voter ID card to get in. I didn't know how to react. He let my other friends enter. Only me and Runjhun were asked to ensure that we were more than eighteen. What to say?

3. Was in Calcutta last week. Had Mourola machher chochchori after long and I re-realised that I love food. It was good food week for me with the newly discovered Hot Chips outlet near my place taking the award for the debutant category.

4. Marriage invitations for all and sundry seem to be pouring in. And my parents are making it quite clear that it will be my turn very soon. Well! to think about it, I will love o get married. But only to the right person. And I made quite an effort to describe Mr. Right to my parents. In the end, I ended up singing Suman- "Tomar tulona aami khujina kokhono/ Bohu byabohar kora kono upomay". Wish I meet Mr.Right sometime soon :)

5. Had this really fun journey while coming back from the airport. Had Pami and two wonderful juniors like Chau and Sandipan for company. amazing weather, adda and songs which we adore- Rabindrsangeet, songs from teen bhuboner paarey to Hirok Rajar deshey, Chandrobindoo, Suman and Anjan Dutta. Thank you guys :))

6. Was sitting through a class lecture when it just occurred to me that why does the feeling a vernacular language is amiss in any other language known to you and you are quite comfortable with. Imagine this. "Lyang" and "lengi" sound optimistically brilliant about a foregone love affair and the calculative other half into it (Aranyer Dinratri anyone?). Whereas this new age- "dumping" "ditching" sounds so very "kejo". As if the affair wasn't one to remember. It was all about calculations. May be the words are quite reflective of the generations swearing by the lingo. But when Anjan Dutta sings about the girl (Mala?) who "lyang" ofies her poor boyfriend and settles with a rich man, it talks about a generation when the term love marriages were coined. And truly speaking, you empathise with Mala too.

7. That reminds me. Why do you call it Love Marriage anymore? As it is the term sounds horrendous. What is love? Isn't love getting to know the person and discovering him through the journey called Life. You begin as strangers and end up to be quite the good friends you are supposed to be. Does that idea of Arranged marriages sound good. For a person branded as Romantic to the hilt, that sounds quite an idea that Mr. Darcy should approve. In the end it's all about's about the journey, not the convenience of it. Nowadays, the proverbial love marriages sound more like "marriage of convenience". But then again, who am I to comment on that? I am still in search of true love (wink) whichever way it reaches me.


  1. May you find ur Mr.Right soon!.....but I wish he stays "right"even after marriage...all their "wrongs" come to the surface only after tying the knot...:)

  2. LOL! I think you are 'right' on this count :)

  3. I am with you on the point about 'arranged marriages' being the perfect way to discover a stanger in the journey of life..The idea of falling in love after marriage seems so romantic :-)

    Second your last sentence "I am still in search of true love (wink) whichever way it reaches me."

  4. Brilliant as ever. And yes the journey back from the airport was amazing. Bangali adda puropuri.


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