Saturday, September 25, 2010

Forgotten and unsung.

Note: This is another angry citizen post. Those looking for porn and other related stuff, kindly avoid. It's disgusting when google analytics shows up the list of words people were searching for and landed on my blog which particularly has no connection to it whatsoever.

We are a nation which loves to crib. Yes, I am counting you- the overworked software guy who has made two onsite visits which added to the purse and the waistline. You- the overpaid and overworked hot shot elite institute graduate who sits in the comforts of his/her air conditioned office, works on holidays, makes foreign trips with family for holidays, have event managers planning out his son's birthday party. You- the normal BPO/KPO guy. You- the supposed academic who could not resist the lucrative foreign offer and crossed the Atlantic leaving the pittance paid out here to fill the coffers of some undeserving brute. And you- the elitist and luckiest of the lot, the babus who have access to all the power and position that this country boasts of.
We all crib about something, sometime or the other. We crib about the extended hours at office, the coffee vending machine not working, the non approval of an extension for a project deadline, the pittance being paid for supposed research, the non availability of holidays, good food, great clothes, shows, bags...blah, blah, blah..the list goes on. Be rest assured I belong to all the categories mentioned above in some way or the other. and I still crib.

I had gone out for some work with a friend of mine last week. While returning to this campus some 30 kilometres away from the city, the bus needs to cross the Secunderabad army cantonment area. We saw a bunch of young men, almost our age or may be younger practising their evening drill in drizzling rain, the one that had become the source of our discontent for past few days. My friend and I generally struck up a conversation about how the army men are one of the most poorly paid people in the country. It was a superficial discussion but somehow the headlines regarding asking out the army for every possible disaster management in the country has caught my attention since then.

The morning TOI print edition carried a piece about the army now being called to salvage the messy CWG preparations by building up a footbridge in record time through their emergency techniques. This will be in place of the grand overbridge that collapsed whose contract must have been doled out by Mr. Suresh Kalmadi and Co. in 'severe' respect for taxpayer's money. Oh! the best part was this would be done in a fraction of the cost the original bridge had cost (and would have cost in case it survived the games), atleast that's what a proud PWD official says.
I am in no mood to talk about the loofest (borrowed from Bhagat) called the CWG. But there is one thing that needs attention here.. why are we so insensitive to the needs of the people on whom we depend for basic survival issues??? We dpn't raise their salaries. We put them in BEST buses after they save a horrified city and it's even more horrified air kissing class after 26/11 and send them away like cattle while the chief minister visits with his convoy and a film  director in tow. Waah!
We can fill in the coffers of these corrupt politicians and officials (gill, dikshit, bhanot and the great kalmadi included) and not raise a voice about where did all our money go- that's fine, but we can atleast talk and think about people who guard our borders day in and day out so that we can plan our exclusive party well and secured. Does National pride have any bigger carriers than them?? what do we give back to their families apart form that Tiranga and the gun salute?? Do we have any better social security measures in place.
I am not the angry citizen speaking here, it is we who should demand the change, just like we demand their presence and arrival to save us from that national calamity in form of flood, earthquake or communal riots. We don't even get to know if they crib. even if they do, there is no HR manager to look into their demands and order a pay hike. right?

To tell the truth, you me and everyone enjoy our air conditioned comfort. who doesn't? Only that we can spare a thought about our folks fighting it out really hard to make us comfortable. You have anything in mind? Do share.


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  2. Thank you for visiting and commenting. It's good to know people care.

  3. The army men are really forgotten and unsung. After years of thinking (I am not too old), I am learning that a person gets what he asks from this world. The army men do a great job every time and get just nuts in return. I am sorry to say that they were returned back in BEST buses because they did not think or even ask for air-conditioned buses and they would never do it actually. I am not saying that the politicians are right but they always think of getting great cars and conforts for themselves and they just get it somehow.
    Let me add a little more, the same goes true for the police force in all the states. They are cursed everywhere for being corrupt but thinking from their point of view, its the system who is responsible for it.
    The same logic works for the software professionals, but again thats the choice they make and believe me, people get what they actually think of.
    Forgive me, but I found the first paragraph very much redundant and that can actually be a topic of another blog with some research and facts.
    Good luck!!!

  4. I have always wondered how we could help our soldiers, help as in real help, not candlelight protest at Jantar Mantar kind of help. This country will take another 50 years to wake up to the fact that its soldiers have been asking for better conditions.

    Our netas fool around and when botch-ups happen, they call in the army as if the military is their housemaid.

    For example, politicians use the army for tough jobs (non-military) whenever needed because the army is very efficient. A case in point is I remember the def correspondent filing a copy about how paratroopers from Yelahanka airbase in Bangalore flew quickly and rappelled down at the crash site of late AP CM YSR Reddy. Normally, the police would have taken a month to search for the wreckage.

    The army gives a lot of service apart from just protecting the borders. Sometimes I wonder whether a group of very senior officers may actually mount a coup in the decades to come.

    You have got a new fan here. Debby

  5. Thanks placid. yes, i actually thought of writing one, but come to think of it- I might have to reveal a few terms being searched for...that will seriously be not my cup of tea. (read, my blog will further show up on those searched items list)

    Thanks Debby :-). thanks for visiting. The army is always at the beck and call of these people who create a mess out of everything and that includes world class games village or non planned disaster management techniques. Am not so sure about the coup, since we already have 'less' successful neighbouring states staging up such coups now and, but that's were I think the great Indian democracy (some call it tamasha) survives.


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