Sunday, June 6, 2010


Home is always comforting. I haven't seen the face of my blog for some weeks now. Haven't caught upon whjat my fellow bloggers are writing or tweeting about but all these seem so far off when you are sorrounded by people you love. This break was most needed indeed. But am making full use of it. Shopped for Bangla books. And it was fulfilling. Thankfully can eradicate my "bhishon purono" flaw being an avid "bangla sahityagrohi" about not reading Ashapurna Devi's works. Yes! I have laid my hands on the complete trilogy of Prothom Protisruti, Subornolota and Bokul Kotha. Bought my favourite Suchitra Bhattacharya's latest too. Picked up a copy of the translation of Ruswa's Umrao Jaan Ada from the Delhi airport. So quite have my hands full now along with my internship. And oh yes! the food....Kochur shaak, kochu bata, chingri malaikaari....When it comes to food am just neutral on the ghoti-bangaal divide.

Life is fulfilling now.


  1. I haven't read a Bangla book for quite sometime now :-( Shame on me! Your list sounds awesome.. have to read up myself, too :-)

    I hardly come across a modern Bengali girl who read Bengali literature, relishes kochur shaak and blogs about them! You are truly a Bongololona with a major twist ;-) ;-)

  2. Debosmita,
    Somehow I missed this comment of yours. But dhonyobad. he he. I love kochur shaak :P. I think you too love it :D


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