Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Phir se aaiyo Badra bidesi......

It smells nice..really nice. In fact I just discovered what a big turn on wet grass can be for me. You know it rained today in the sneaking zone between the morning giving way to another afternoon. It was just like that day. and today, I did not have to care about any worldly exams to give. I ran to the terrace. The rain drenched my toes, welcomed me to thy world. I was reliving the rain. I was reliving you....long after it was all over.

The raindrops glistened. They were in my hand...but before I realised they were gone.

It's a lovely evening here now. I have Ghalib and Gulzaar for company. And also the byanger gyangorgang (the toads croaking) just outside my window. The patch of blue is long gone, only to be cuddled by the dark, ilish smelling night :-).

Here's to the first rain of the season.

1 comment:

  1. it shows wen a brishtpremika meets her love..lovely yaar:)


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