Saturday, August 29, 2009


It is not only about something I pine for. It is also about something I love, I cherish. Something I perennially want to be a part of my existance. It's also not only about the people who make it special.
The smell, the corner, the solace, the book shelf dumped with my old gk today and competition success issues......all these are a part of my growing up....just like my permanent address, and I miss that South Calcutta neighbourhood where that house number is nestled in.

What do I miss most about you? I guess its Baba, his library. Ma and her new found obsession for the microwave oven and Tups! I guess she is the one I miss the most. Paku tups, puchu tups, sweetu tups :P. (Though she is going to admonish me after reading this and provide tips as to how not to address my gadhipuchi by embarrassing names in public incase i write about her something the next time around. :-))

Also, Amma. Her death mde me realise for the first time in life as to how it is to live with the feeling that the one you loved is gone......never to come back again. and trust me its eerie! miss you amma, miss having those quarrels with you.

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  1. rightly said...home is where d heart is...always will be dat way:)


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