Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Things on my mind.

1. Onion inflation is really taking a toll on my life. The onion salad which made bland mess food appear somewhat eatable is missing. Not that I blame the mess contractor, he his left with no other option with Rs.70/kg (+-10) price tag. But it makes me miss home like anything. The rising prices were just another newspaper story for me other than my mom cribbing about the rising prices with the cook who sometimes tend to waste a little bit more. But then again, in case I wanted that extra onion chaska in my omlette, it sounded normal. Not anymore. It just makes me realise how my friends and cousins are pampered at home. Be it 70 or 100 my parents won't mind me getting onions in case I promised to eat the full egg. Not in hostel. It's not completely untrue that hostel life is a complete leveller. And not completely unfair also. But you somehow end up missing home.

2. Do dooni char is an amazing film. Perhaps one of the finest I have seen in a long long time. Reminds me of the Basu Chatterjee-Hrishikesh Mukherjee era where the stories of the common man was part of the ballad. This film starring Rishi and Neetu Kapoor in their first appearance together after marriage and kids (which includes certain Ranbir Kapoor) is a very realistic portrayal of a middle class Delhi couple with two kids to worry about thinking about the big leap from owning a scooter to owning a car. Hats off! the 'rafu chakkar' guys have still that crackling chemistry on screen. The way rishi kapoor goes to a wedding wearing the pagdi, suit and sports shoes make you feel like it's almost the same punjabi uncle you had met at karolbagh. The way they talk, they think and the status symbol they would acquire through a car..that 'showoff' bit that comes along with the Delhi package..all so truly portrayed. A must watch recommendation for all.

P.S.- Rishi Neetu did a fleeting appearance together in 'Love aaj kal', but then that was not this fun and long lived.

3. Talking about the 'aam aadmi', am really concerned about the onion prices now since the three weeks time limit suggested by Mr. Pawar, the agricultural minister, is over. Are you listening Mr. Pawar? Hello!!! It cost the NDA an entire election.

4. Now that the common outrage is evident, I think not picking up Dada for IPL by any team was a bad cricketing decision. But it might prove to be an even worse business decision for KKR. While it will be interesting to see that how do they build up a cricket brand based out of Kolkata without dada, my bet is on the fact that there can be no 'sporting' brand in kolkata without dada. basiclly brand kkr? what's that? 

poor srk..he is always surrounded by such stupid advisors who keep on suggesting outrageous solutions like may be that four captain policy. The tax troubles just add up to his woes.

And Dada, you will emerge an winner. what's 4 crore in front of a million hearts?

5. The recruitment is on the last stage. I so hope all my friends land up a job in the next few days..so that the rest of the semester turns out to be a never ending party. Err! it already is with hardly a few left and all of us pitching in for others....but one thing that makes me feel really proud is the fact that our batch broke that overwhelming NALSAR myth that cgpa is the end all of everything. It just went bonkers this time. NALSAR batch of 2006-2011....joy, ecstasy, depression, desperation, fights, cold wars...we have seen it all...but when we go out...we will be a happy batch. I know that for sure. *touchwood*

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