Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nuggets and more.

1. Now that house hunting is over, at least temporarily, I am gearing up for the big shift from being a student to a working lady soon. Well, a few days are still left before I graduate and I am enjoying it to the hilt, but I am also super excited to start work soon. I am going to miss being a student....but I am sure I will enjoy being the responsible taxpayer too. May be change is the only constant in life.

2. The jealous glares do amaze me now and then, but doesn't matter anymore. Koi nahi, pay package aur brand value hazam honey mein thoda time to lagega hi :) :P More so when they asked for that all out war while shouting from the rooftops. But truly speaking, I am at peace with myself. And nothing makes me happier than that.

3. That reminds me. I love to stay happy. My friends often compliment me (at least I count it to be a compliment) as "being high on life". True. I really dont need to take refuge to alcoholic drinks or smoking for that  matter to get that high. I don't have nay issues with people who drink or smoke, but somehow I still prefer my glass of "coca cola on the rocks" :P in parties.

4. Have lately taken a lot of interest in learning Continental dishes. I have learnt quite a bit of Indian sabzi daal and stuff by now. Have to learn 'amish' (non vegetarian) cooking though. But I am trying to pick up Italian and stuff from my friends who are really good at it. And guess what? I suppose I can cook a proper Italian meal now for the people who matter :) Learnt how to make mouthwatering Pasta (the red sauce variety), Sauteed Mushrooms and the mashed potato with garlic and milk. They tasted nice. Considering I know how to make Pizzas already, the Italian thing is quite a deal now I suppose :D. What next? may be lasagna :) and obviously chitol macher muithya which I have been trying to learn for quite some time now. I love to cook. It's therapeutic.

5. Have been reading this book called "The red Carpet" by Lavanya Sankaran. Considering that bookstores do sell it within the same bracket of a few books titled "Anything for you ma'am", "Oh! shit, not again", "Ofcourse I love you, until I find some one better"- I was obviously apprehensive (am even more apprehensive of the people who consider themselves literary enthusiasts after reading the above mentioned books and go ga ga over them- nothing personal against anybody, you might find my "Sesher Kobita". "Uaccustomed Earth", "A suitable Boy", "Hamlet" or "Angels and Demons" boring too...but it's just a personal take). But coming back to the point that is...I like the book...and the author. She is good...very different from the cult that she is being promoted as a part of. She writes about Bangalore....I quite liked the place, the one single time I visited it....but the very bong Calcutta (and to some extent Sunu Da's GK II and it's proximity to CR Park neighbourhood) enthusiast me also found it a very endearing and honest effort. Some day I would love to do a similar anthology on "Calcutta". There might be thousands of them...because "ei shahor janey amar prothom sobkichu"...but it will be the stories I want to tell :)

6. It's the last two day weekend in college. The remaining will have working Saturdays....somehow, the five years, though they didn't just pass by like that, was quite a journey. A journey that made women out of girls. :)


  1. Anthology on Calcutta!!! Wonderful it would be :-)

    Congratulations on the transition to the real world, which will invariably be fun and interesting at times and extremely frustrating at other times. But it will be one hell of a roller-coaster ride :-) All the Best!

  2. lasagna bollei amai monica geller er kotha mone pode.....neways awesome post as usual.....u can try out making rissoto among italian foods.....unaccustomed earth eo prochur rissoto r refernce chilo

  3. Like coke on the rocks... refreshing but no hangover :)


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