Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's the merrier side.

So what did Law school do to you apart from taking off 10 years from your life expectancy? (There is an actual Facebook group supporting my point.)

Well, let me encapsulate some of them. Though, I think some of them may be very very much NALSAR specific, still-
1) You are perennially hungry. Good food is a better turn on for you than good looking men (and vice versa).
2) You live on just with the hope of going back home. and once back there you miss the independence and the random bullshit you carry on day in and day out.
3) You stop watching television just because there are numerous people in the common room asking for one or the other channel to be put on during the break. Also the remote is not in your hand. Sigh! you miss the remote.
4) Your laptop is your best friend. In case you want to ask your friend next door if she is game for dinner around 7.30, you will rather ping her than calling out for her.
5) You indulge in activities you would have never imagined yourself doing before law school happened. Like you might have cringed at the thought of passing chits in class and making weird noises, because you were this prim and proper teacher's pet in school. But in between one of those sophisticated top law school things happened to you. :P
6) You also would have never thought about indulging in stupid water fights,singing Govinda songs loudly in class, drowning a grumpy moody type person's room, getting all excited about dressing up in a pajama in class or scurrying through the entire Girl Hostel blocks 1,2,3,4 (in that order) looking for a saree to wear on ethnic day.
7) The various rhythmic concoctions that the nerd boy in class did during the fest or dj night provides fodder for your entertainment 3'o clock in the night on the hostel balcony for the next one year.
8) You are invariably late for the 9'o clock class. How much you try, you end up running after the teacher begging for attendance.
9) Also, in case attendance is over you look for an opportunity to sneak out and have breakfast in the mess. That's like some heroic deed.
10) Before you came to law school, you were this very well mannered girl who always listened to mom. In fact before you came here your mom warned you against guys sneaking in to your hostel and advised you to stay away from it. 1st year- you are damn against it, 2nd year- you grow indifferent, 3rd year- you don't mind, you enjoy the buzz about somebody's boyfriend making an effort. 4th year- Darn! you actually help people plan out the sneaking in and sneaking out. Also by this time you  know none of the romantic possibilities are going to work out and almost the entire other half of the batch barges in to do some more bakwaas as an extension of the class hours. 

And there is more to come. Only that I have to write a mid semester paper tomorrow and none of us can make out anything of the 400 odd slides.

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