Monday, June 10, 2013

Nirobotar oblivion!

There was time when the deepest expressions of my existence found oblivion through my words. there was a time when I used to write reams. Writing was my only purgasion!

I was young, fluid and dreamy eyed.

I am little older, worldly wise and lot less dreamy eyed these days.

And the words seem to have left me for an oblivion of their own!

I do not know what to say.

"Amar swopno shotti swechchachar, amr swopno dekhar odhikar
Amar opolok nishkriti, amar doridro oboshor
amar oporinoto nityosukh, amar noirbyaktik chitkar...

kotha nei, golpo nei, ashwash nei..
ey ek odbhut swojonharano!!

amake kore tolo bangmoy"

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