Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sokhi bhalobasha kare koy?

Tagore had asked this question aeons ago...and frankly speaking none of us have the answer till date. We all know how does it feels good, it feels great :))

But that never implies that the journey is a cakewalk. In case it is, it is something is as much about sharing a life together as like eating your hilsa with extra mustard toppings :P (that's the bong foodie in me talking)

"Jaan jaati hain jab uthke jaatey ho tum"

Farida Khanum sums up the pain beautifully in probably one of the most simple ghazals I have ever heard.

and there is more to it. Just like Gulzaar saab's poetry :)

"sehme se rehte hain, jab yeh din dhalta hain/ ek hi aah bujhta hain/ ek hi aah jalta hain/ tumne koi deep jalaya hota"

I don't claim to understand completely the serenity behind those lines...but the eternity behind them is truly magical.

Just like the dreams of a lonely sunday afternoon, 'us' in our living room.....our favourite songs on the music where he will shre random facts about some stuff I thought never existed...and then he will bear my completely out of tune songs....and then he will say something about the Jasmine- the flower and the revolution. and then I will share with him my new found enthusiasm about finance. He being the pro will tell me where I was fundamentally wrong...and he will buy me books! loads of them.... :) :)

"lokey tobe kore ki sukheri torey emon dukheri aansh"


  1. The last paragraph was...AWWWWWWWWWWWW

    And I know right, we all know what love FEELS LIKE. We never know what it IS. It doesn't have a definition. It's just there and it's something you won't understand what it is unless you feel it.

  2. @eesha, :) :). sadhey ki ar robi thakur likhechen orom :)


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