Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rant on.

I have no qualms in accepting the fact that this blog, which had begun with my humble ambition of writing good and sensible stuff, has turned out to be my favourite place to rant. Of course I love bugging Shreya, Runjhun and Paridhi...but this one is also quite close to my heart :D

I am growing impatient by the day. I can't wait for November to come. As I might have already mentioned in this blog (or may be not), I am really looking forward to a very special occasion in November. Yes! my didibhai (my secret box, my pnpc partner, my favourite-esssttt cousin...and something more than that) is getting married to one of the sweetest guys I know. Since I will be earning myself by then, am searching for gift ideas. Something I can gift her apart from what my mom and dad has already planned to gift her. Suggestions most welcome :)

And I don't want this last few days of college life to end. Sigh! Fifth year, you are so much fun. And my going to miss you sorely.

I am the most confused person on this planet. 


  1. congrats on nearing the earning your coveted degree.
    best wishes.
    a solitaire diamond ring would best serve the purpose I think.

  2. Thank you :)) and the suggestion is duly noted.


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