Monday, August 9, 2010

Just like that.

"So what is your biggest turn on?"

Hostel gossip and bitching sessions tend to get interesting day by day. This question is not about any particular day. It may be any night in a girl's hostel when you have ganged up to laugh hysterically over the "multi millionaire in the making" guy from class was spotted in that "chamkeela shirt" and "kala batua". Coffee, conversations and many a laughs later the discussion inadvertently tends to follow a strict pattern. Men. Yes, we openly size you up and we 'can' do that. Just about the way you discuss what we wore and who has the cutest smile in your rooms. I think it's kind of mutual. Natural too. Never understood what's the big taboo in accepting this fact. So there goes one of my turn ons- A man who talks to me about the neighbourhood girl with jet black hair and over whom he had the biggest crush. Also, the girl who just passed by- whether or not she has 'statistical' alliances.

But coming back to the point. I have been directly/indirectly asked about what do I like in a man. Kind of what is that turns me on. Well, I have stuck to the conventional(albeit true) ones like- conversations, sense of humour, everything bengali-like fascination for Tagore, chandrobindoo, saraswati pujo, dhuti etc., writing (love letter types- not email), can discuss with me newest book releases and the tharoor-pushkar wedding with equal elan kinds...pretty much the ideal variety you know..and he has to be worth his salt. But deep down I was thinking- is that all?

Erm. No. I think the biggest of them all is food. My fondness for food and eating are well known. And I kind of love cooking also. But nothing more than eating a hearty meal perked up with wonderful conversation. In case, he decides to cook it up it's great. But equal marks for choosing the perfect place to dine out or plan the dinner with family- it works great for me- only that the food on platter and the choice of the delicacies- bengali, chinese, italian (in that order) needs to be in place.


  1. Paushali, I never knew your blog url before but I stumbled upon it from your comment on my short story in Indimag! Surprise! surprise! I really liked your space :-)

    Turn Ons! racy topic, huh? I second you on that sentence on sizing men up among girls :-) and you have inspired me to write one post on similar lines :-)

    Your blog name and profile name (Meghpeon) have such a nice sound to them :-) Me likes them very much!

  2. @debosmita, thank you so much for visiting my blog and appreciating it. I am eagerly waiting to read your side of the story :D


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