Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's been quite long and the blogosphere looks so different now. Read up an old letter-("purono chithi" kind of feeling) posted by a fellow blogger. Feels good and feels great.
Actually nostalgia is a necessary evil (?). you are bound to be bitten by the bug. Just like the streets of North Calcutta and that tram ride through Hatibagan and Shyambazar did to me. I have never been there but felt like I belonged there. And that Red house..near Shyambazar I suppose. It was like "I want to buy that garibarandawala bari". Yes! I have a fascination for them....old, garibarandawala houses.

And there is the Academy, Nanadan chottor. Catching up with old school friends. Phuchka or just lazing around like St. Paul's Cathedral. The city throws up unknown hues you thought you had long forgotten.

This sounds like cliche' but I have no other option other than quoting a wordsmith of our times- "Ei shohor janey amar prothom sobkichu/ Palatey  chaayi joto shey aashey amar peechu peechu"

(I 'think' am not murdering the lyrics. Actually! am in love. With this city- all over again)

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