Sunday, April 18, 2010

Numb and Dumb

I was flipping through my blog posts and the now quite old traffic reader. And wow! I have a stalker. But whoever you are you definitely make me feel like a celebrity blogger on whose blog you keep on coming back 10 times a day looking for something new and look for every possible update- be it on the blog or twitter. But seriously! that old trick of changing locations across the USof A is also not quite helping your case much (I have a bigger trick up my sleeve :P). But anyways who cares! keep stalking, am always happy to have such dedicated fans and help me earn some extra bucks once I activate that 'monetise' option (I still have an ideological debate going on that, err! did that sound communist?)

And yeah, the reason I thought of writing this post is yet to come. In fact I realised that I haven't posted anything worthwhile in some time now. Agreed I had dreadful project submission deadlines to meet (unlike last semester when I was flying up the cloud, I decided to work on them properly this time), pending legal aid field visits-editing work to be done, recruitment comm elections and subsequent worries cropping up phase but still I am not that much a method writer and this isn't just coming to me anymore. Off course, am happy that I don't use my blog as the 'my bf got to this nondescript place', 'am such a dedicated gf' and 'will get married at 20 and fly off to be a 2nd class citizen on a spouse visa' kind of posts on a daily basis. Come on! keep somethings personal, nobody wants to know what the freak suggested about what stone to wear before you marry. Actually, keep that on. I mean keep that recorder on. It's kind of a comic relief in this otherwise very stressed out world. Come to think of it, If I ever had to write something like that what would it be - "Oh! I had an ice cream from Mama's. Lemon licks wasn't available so had to do with mama's 'mango dolly' (lolly). Was caught day dreaming in Corporate Law class." Heck! it sounds so boring. I need a wimp of a bf *now* who doesn't mind me boasting about his achievements since kindergarten on a public forum.

Did I bitch? hell! yes. I love bitching.
But the point remains that I can't write substantial stuff. Hope you come back to me dear old friend of mine.


  1. Et tu brutus @ blog stalker? What's this about changing locations across US? I know smone there who might be doing this too, in fact I am quite sure they are.

    Pliss to explain how this works -

    And be back for more soon!

  2. Rant in the clouds...leads to thunder and rain.
    so hopefully it will rain some meaning posts.

  3. hahaha..had a good laugh through dis1....wads a gal w/o a li'l cheek and a lot of bitching..lmao;)


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