Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Wedding Story!

It's quite exciting you know when three months after the wedding, people are still gung ho about eagerly waiting to know your story :) the story. Well! I never officially published it on the blog. Never expected that there is an audience for the story too....then I never expected people to actually read the blog and write me warm emails about how my blog constantly remind them about Kolkata. And they being eager whether I will reply back or not :)
Woah! I am surely not a snob...neither a celebrity who gets fan mails by the dozens...but truly speaking your mail or word of appreciation truly makes my day :) Like every other Bengali woman worth her salt, I too wish to publish my book someday, soon enough :P.....just wasn't sure if somebody will buy a copy or not....Kind of relieved now. A few will see the light of the day I think :D Thank you is surely not enough :))

And for those who wanted to read my story...our story rather (Mine and Deep's) you can surely do that on our wedding website, the one we had prepared to share the moments of the big day with our friends and family before the wedding-

Please do sign the guestbook. We treasure your good wishes dearly. It's kind of late and awkward but may be that's the way it was meant to be. I began content writing for it vehemently, but the wedding preparations took its own sweet toll. But then again.....have I ever plunged into anything which looks certain? No, and I don't want to also. Being certain is boring. Welcome to the tanginess of life. A hint of Phuchka laced with tamarind water.

Did it make you lust? Yes! that's life for me :)


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